Back pains is a common condition that affects many people. In most cases, back pains requires you to adopt a regular schedule in order to prevent pain and discomfort. If you suffer from frequent back pains and you wish to travel, you need to exercise extra caution to avoid becoming uncomfortable and triggering pain. Travelling forces you to sit and remain in one position in small space for a long period of time. This causes stiffness which can cause back pains. People who suffer frequent back pains often avoid travelling but this doesn’t have to be the case. Aside from home remedies you normally rely on to make your back happy, the following are awesome travel tips if you have back pains.

Be Smart About Luggage

Luggage is one of the major causes of back pains for travelers especially when it is handled in an incorrect manner. Travelling is often associated with carrying luggage and so knowing luggage handling tips will save you a lot of problems. For instance, when lifting luggage you need to think about breaking it down into smaller sections especially if it is bulky. Another great tip about luggage is to pack light and avoid carrying a lot of stuff. If you need a lot of items at your destination, consider mailing your luggage to your destination in good time. If you have an extremely sensitive back, you should avoid lifting luggage altogether and request for help.

Carry Your Medicines

If you rely on medication to keep your back pains at bay, you should ensure to carry it with you whenever you’re travelling. If you need special medication, make sure to see a doctor in advance and obtain a prescription. You’re better off carrying your medication as some medicines might have different names especially if you are embarking on a trip to a foreign country. The medication you carry should be enough to sustain you throughout your entire trip.

Don’t Forget Painkillers

Painkillers such as ibuprofen are essential for carrying on a trip as they have a powerful pain relieving effect. It is recommended to check with your doctor if there are any special considerations when taking painkillers.

Ice is Key

Ice is a key component when travelling. An effective way to benefit from ice is to carry Ziploc bags and requesting a flight attendant to fill it with ice. You can then put it between your lower back and seat.

Try Muscle Relaxants

If you’re having a long plane ride, muscle relaxants are a good investment.

Pick An Aisle Seat

If you have back pains and you need to get up and move around easily, request for an aisle seat in a bus or plane.


For numerous back complications, it is advisable to sit in a slightly reclined position as it exerts less pressure on the back. Always confirm during seat reservation if your seat can recline.

Stretch Regularly

When travelling for extended periods of time, you will tend to feel stiff in the hip flexor muscles as well as tension in the hamstrings. Stretching regularly will help you to feel better and prevent stiffness.

Lift Your Feet

Lifting up your feet while on a journey helps to provide extra support for your lower back. If your sit is raised, put your foot on an improvised footrest while keeping your knees at a right angle.

The above are a few tips that will ensure you travel comfortably and avoid hurting your back.