Chennai was earlier known as Madras, the capital of Tamil Nadu state, southern India, on the Coromandel in the Bay of Bengal. It is also known as the “Gateway to South India,” Chennai is a major administrative and cultural city with Indian artistic, religious and culinary traditions. The people of Chennai are its greatest assets who are extremely enthusiastic about their hometown. You can visit this city at any time of the year and it experiences a lot of tourist footfall during the whole year.

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Bangalore is one of the progressive and developed cities, blessed with a pleasant climate and an amazing dining and shopping Centre. There are no world-class sights; however, you’ll witness lovely parks and striking Victorian-era architecture. Thus there are lots of things to do and witness in this royal city and you will surely fall in love with this place.

The driving distance between Chennai and Bangalore is 346 km approximately. While the aerial distance between the two cities is 284 km. By Train, the distance is around 342 Km.

How To Reach By Flight

The fastest way to reach Bangalore from Chennai is around 50 minutes, which is to take a direct flight from Chennai to Bangalore. The direct connectivity of flight between Chennai and Bangalore is available every day. The best way to take is to go by air from Chennai to Bangalore if it is not out of your budget.  

How To Reach By Train

There are 22 direct trains that are available from Chennai to Bangalore including Lalbagh Express, Brindavan Exp, Bangalore Exp, Shatabdi Express and many more that will provide same ease and comfort. The minimum time a train takes to reach Bangalore from Chennai is around 4h 40m. The best optionto take is Lalbagh Express from Chennai to Bangalore. It is the cheapest way to travel to reach your destination in time as planned earlier.

How To Reach By Road

The direct distance between Chennai and Bangalore is 290 KM (kilometers) and 300 meters. However, the driving distance or the travel distance between Chennai to Bangalore is 347 KM and 184 meters.

You can take a direct bus between Chennai and Bangalore is available. The best way is to take State Transport Bus from Chennai to Bangalore. The duration of bus journey would be 8 hours approx. You can also choose to drive but it might be a tiring task. However, the road connectivity is good and developed you will not face difficulty due to broken roads as the cities are connected to each other through highways.

Choose your mode of transport wisely as the cities are well connected you won’t find anything difficult to reach your destination.

Have a Safe journey!